KAMPALA – UGANDA: Makerere University Tourism Students went on demonstration due to delayed salaries of their lecturers. The students reported that they have not been studying for 3 weeks due to delayed salaries.

The students started the strike this morning of Friday (11th April 2014) by marching to Makerere University main Building and demanding to speak to Mr. Sentamu Ddumba, the vice-chancellor about their issue. However, they were delayed by over 2hours as the vice-chancellor was reportedly unavailable. The Vice-Chancellor Mr. Ddumba Sentamu addressed them and promised to solve this problem as soon as possible.  “Lectures will resume on Monday 14th April 2014″, says Mr. Sentamu Ddumba.

The demonstration arises out of a failure to pay lecturers at the faculty of Tourism over two months ago. The lecturers in turn withdrew their services and stopped teaching until they have been paid a substantial percentage of their salary. Tourism Students revealed that they were fed up with not being taught for a period of time and yet they had paid their tuition fees.

The Administration of the University has complained of a lack of funds due to constraints in students’ payment of tuition fees. According to the Vice-Chancellor Mr. Ddumbe Sentamu, only 30% of the students at Makerere University have fully cleared their Tuition fees, and yet it’s just a month to the end of the semester.

According to the Guild President Ivan Bwowe, the students suffer from different economic constraints, but the university’s harsh policy doesn’t allow them to sit exams without paying.  The strike has been halted awaiting the outcome of a top-level meeting of the faculty dean and the Vice-Chancellor.

According to Peter Nakibinge, Director from Experience Uganda safaris, this is the faculty that produces people running Uganda tourism sector, that is one of the country’s major foreign exchange earner! Therefore, they should be allocated enough funds for sustainable tourism development, and for the development of our country!

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