Lunch Break at Mubende Market

Are you traveling through Mubende. Never miss the sizzling skewers of; beef, goat’s meat and ribs or roast gonja as well as all types of drinks in Mubende Market.

Mubende is located along Kampala – Fort Portal Highway, about 150 km from Kampala and about 2.5 hours drive. Drivers through Mudende to Fort Portal, Kasese or Kampala have a stopover in this town for lunch / relax before continuing with your journey. Foods available here include Nyama Choma, roasted gonja, chicken, roasted goat’s meat, sausages and Kikomando (omelet rolled in chapati), which are prepared in less than five minutes, are prepared. There are also resturants offering local dishes.

Adventurous travelers may have a sip of Mwenge Muganda (banana foot wine locally made). Other beers like Guiness, Nile Special, Club beer and Tasker are also available as well as wines in Supermarkets. By the time you arrive Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese, expect to be inviting elephants and buffaloes to board and go with you for the Safari Drive.

There are travelers who have sipped the dry gin and woke up to find themselves on a bended knee proposing marriage to ladies in Toro.

Take heed. The skewers may be toffee brown on the exterior but raw in the interior. Going to the kitchen, taking you pick and asking the chef to have them well done is worth 10 minutes wait.