Lugogo Forest Mall Shooting Suspects Arrested


Kanyamunyu has been detained to help investigations into the shooting

The police started investigations over the Lugogo forest mall shooting on Saturday.

As per the eyewitness at the mall, Watmon Akena Kenneth arrived at Lugogo Forest Mall to get some money from the ATM Machine. As he was in the parking trying to reverse and park his car properly in the parking lot, he accidentally knocked another car.

Watmon quickly got out of his car try to apologize and negotiating preparation terms with the owner of the vehicle he had damaged. It is said that the owner of the car whom Watmon was trying to apologize to, just picked a pistol and shot him in the stomach.

The eye witnesses also added that, the shooter himself picked Watmon and took him to the Norvik Hospital, after the doctors telling him that such cases are supposed to be reported to police first, he then changed and said he is just a good Samaritan and doesn’t know who shoot the guy.

RIP: Akena was shot at Lugogo Forest Mall

RIP: Akena was shot at Lugogo Forest Mall

The shooter was then arrested as he called so many of his colleagues and he is now detained at Jinja Road Police Station as investigations are still ongoing.

The source said, the shooter is identified as Kanyamunyu Mathew who is believed to be the CEO Quantum Express Logistics and he was in company of his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari a Burundian National at the time when the incident happened.