On Wednesday 8th February 2023 during the weekly press conference at the Uganda media center, the NEMA executive director; Dr. Akankwasa Barirega told journalists that starting 1st April 2023 there will be enforcement against littering from a vehicle.

This will be done in partnership with Uganda police, Uganda wildlife Authority, Uganda National Roads Authority, UPDF, NEMA inspectors, and the National forestry authority. It has been relatively common in Uganda for people to throw empty plastic bottles, polythene bags, and paper bags, among several other waste materials outside transit vehicles.

Other law sections to be enforced include; leaving rubbish outside residential premises. Similar to littering from a transit vehicle, littering from a commercial building will attract a 6 million Ugx fine. Anyone that stands on their balcony and throws any litter down, if caught, will be fined 6 million Ugx.

The traffic police will also on top of asking for driving licenses, checking for triangles and the profile of the tires; will start checking for bins. If found without a bin the car, you will be fined Ugx 6,000,000.


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