A number of prominent public figures ranging from the clergy, military as well as prominent politicians have breathed their last with reports of blood clots being the reason behind their death. Many have received these reports with doubt claiming that must have been another cause of their death covered up with these kinds of postmortem reports.

But again; before we take public opinion seriously, where is their medical expertise. Regardless of whether you agree or not with the reports of the prominent people who have died due to blood clots. Today we bring you the list of some of the prominent people that have officially been linked to blood clots as the cause of their death.

Gen. Paul Lokech

Ugandans were on Saturday saddened with the unbelievable reports of the decease of the deputy inspector general of police; Gen Paul Lokech. Most of the Ugandan’s memory of him is when he paraded the suspects for the assassinations of Gen Katumba Wamala’s daughter, Former Deputy IGP Felix Kaweesi among several other top names that died in cold bold.


Gen Lokech is the latest public figure to join the list of those that have died of blood clots in Uganda

Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga

In April 2021; the catholic church in Uganda and the country at large was saddened by the death of the Kampala Archbishop who to many was a voice to the voiceless highlighting the evil that was happening in the society and calling the government to act accordingly.

The postmortem report of his death that was produced by Mulago national referral hospital after the examination of his body showed that the Archbishop had died of a heart attack that was induced by a blood clot.

Major General Kasirye Gwanga

The retired soldier had been known for often raising his voice on issues of forest conservation. A number of people who deal in timber suffered his wrath on a number of occasions. Having been hospitalized for close to two weeks in May 2020 due to lung-related complications; the general passed on after an operation that was seeking to remove a blood clot in his head.

The news of his death caught the public by surprise and until now; his place in the conservation advocacy has not been occupied by anyone. He is one of the people that had slowed down deforestation in the different parts of the country.

Apollo Nsibambi

The former Uganda prime minister whose death also left a controversial scene of an inheritance scandal is one of those top names that cannot be left out on the list of the prominent Ugandans whose death has been associated with blood clots.

After battling cancer for a number of years; the two-term former prime minister’s post-mortem report showed that though he had been battling cancer; the cause of his death was a blood clot in the lungs.

Major General Julius Oketta

Salim Sale has been the name that most people attach to the government initiation of operation wealth creation. However, it was Major General Julius Oketta who was the deputy coordinator of operation wealth creation in Uganda.

In November 2016; he was rushed to Kadic Hospital in Bukoto after having continuous chest pain. What had been thought to be a heart attack was demystified by the post-mortem report that shows that he died of Massive Pulmonary Embolism; a condition related to blood clotting.

Gen Arunda Nyakayirima

Uganda didn’t have a national identification document other than a passport for those who could afford it. During the tenure of General Arunda Nyakayirima as the minister for internal affairs; Millions of Ugandans were issued the first-ever national identification cards.

In 2015; while on his flight back to Uganda; he was found dead in his seat. The cause of his death is also related to a heart attack linked to bleeding in the heart that also left him suffocated with red eyes upon his death.

Eria Kategaya

The former deputy prime minister was one of the first most prominent people whose death was linked to a blood clot. Similar to that of Gen Lokech; his blood clot was said to have moved from the leg upwards causing a blockage of blood flow.

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