Rolex is a world top watch brand but in Uganda, no one considers the Rolex watch brand unless they are strangers in Uganda. The word Rolex in Uganda refers to Chapatti roled with an omelet inside. Of course, it can get a little more complicated if you go upmarket but on the streets; it is simply a chapatti, Omelet, tomatoes, onions, and sometimes cabbages. Nothing more than that.

Regular Rolex

Upmarket restaurants tend to have their own Rolex recipe. They are classified into white meat, red meat, and vegetable Rolexes. The one that rocked the world record in the street Rolex, not the upmarket Rolex.

Upmarket Rolex

Now; on the 24th of January 2022, a group of Ugandans from one of Kampala suburbs Kasokoso (One of the biggest slums in Uganda) entered the Guinness book of world records after making a Rolex that weighed 204.6kg. The Rolex was not prepared by just a group of people but a whole village :). If you have attended a Ugandan traditional Virgil then you can get an idea of what I am talking about. Like a whole village gathers to give a hand in whatever is required.

The same happened when preparing the world’s largest Rolex. It was collective efforts but of course, there are always those on the forefront who have to be recognized. In total, these were 15 including the gentlemen that manned and roled the 200kg+ Rolex. According to the video shared by the Guinness world book of records, the preparation for this Rolex might have taken the whole day even extending into the night.

A Rolex can be grabbed anywhere in Uganda but the taste will always differ. As for me, I still prefer a street Rolex to the upmarket Rolex. A street Rolex goes for as low as Ugx 1,000 ($0.28) though the most common ones go for Ugx 1500 ($0.43) and Ugx 2000 ($0.57). The upmarket restaurant Rolex ranges between Ugx 12,000 ($3.40) and Ugx 35,000 ($9.93) or even more at times depending on the restaurant.


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