Kigere kya Nyina Mwiru is one of the least visited tourist attractions in Fort Portal City. Legend has it that the footprint is for one of the Bachwezi. It is still unclear how the footprint in the rock came into existence since no extensive research has been done about this place.

Alongside the human-like footprint commonly referred to as Kigere kya nyina mwiru, there is also a footprint that is believed to be for the Chwezi dog. The Bachwezi are among the earliest inhabitants of Uganda, Rwanda, some parts of the democratic republic of Congo, and Kenya.

Besides the rock footprint, the attraction is located near the three crater lakes that can be viewed from one of the hills near Kigere kya nyinamwiru site. From the same location, you can still easily connect to the Mabere ga nyina mwiru tourist site.

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