Jared Oloo Akumu, a Kenyan national residing in Nyagoma division, Bondo district, Siaya county in Nyanza province has been found guilty of disturbing the peace of Jane Frances Abodo the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Uganda.

Based on the court hearing, Jane Abodo who is the DPP witnessed that between 15th September and 2nd November 2021; Ajumu sent her threatening emails. These threats were inspired by Akumu’s assumption that his lost car case was being handled unfairly thus threatening to even go a step further to print the photo of Jane Abodo and pinning it around East Africa to show that she is a corrupt person.

Upon Akuumu returning to Uganda to follow up on the issue of his lost vehicle, he was arrested and convicted for stalking and threatening the DPP through emails to which he pleaded guilty but prayed for forgiveness because his intentions were simply to recover his car.

Akuumu has been remanded to Luzira prison expecting to return to court for sentencing on 11th October. Akuumu will likely receive a sentence for 5 years.

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