KCCA to Control Traffic on Remote

There is tremendous development going on in Uganda since the inception of Kampala city council authority which is led by iron lady Jennifer Musisi. Kampala has become a world class city and it has ascended from what was known as the market place of Uganda to the grand capital of Uganda.

The potholes on Kampala roads have become scarce and also most every road in the city and its suburbs are covered with tarmac. The road lights are been restored and the traffic light were amended and this has reduced road accidents in Kampala. The authority have further recruited road cleaners who early in the morning sleep and pick up the litters on the roads and also trees and grass have been planted in the city to beautify the city.

This year, they have taken another step to making Kampala modern as the authority has installed security camera to monitor the city and also reduce on the crime rate. KCCA is also in contention to starting to control traffic on remote. The number of vehicles has increased and traffic congestion is very rampant especially in the morning and evening hours so KCCA has come up with solution of solving the problem by going digit.

Rush and big days will soon be less hectic for road users in the city after KCCA and police developed a computer application to control traffic using a remote.

During the launch of the pilot control centre, Jenifer Musisi to tap into the centre’s data for the public to get information on which rote to use at a particular time.