Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency JICA have today broken ground for the construction of a traffic control centre at the City Hall in Kampala. The traffic control centre is part of the technical cooperation project named The Project for Capacity Enhancement of KCCA in Management of Traffic Flow in Kampala City” launched between KCCA and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2015. This project which proposes a Japanese Traffic Control System named MODERATO will also lead to the signalisation of up to 27 junctions and the removal of Five (5) roundabouts in the City. These roundabouts are Rwenzori Courts, Grand Imperial, Mulago, Mulago Mortuary and Kubiri.

The Traffic control centre and signalisation of junctions project is aimed at curbing the menacing challenge of traffic congestion, into, within and out of the City’s Central Business District.

“Studies have informed us that traffic congestion in Kampala is leading to reduced productivity of the City’s workforce and business owners, increase in commuter fares, increase in road maintenance costs as well as the increase in air pollution among others,” said Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director KCCA at the ground breaking Ceremony.

“We are building a smart city, a transformational initiative … focused on enhancing service delivery, improving the efficiency of our systems and services and propelling KCCA towards the achievement of its strategic
mart City

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