The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has announced the restoration of light traffic at the Katonga Bridge along the Kampala—Masaka Road. The bridge had been closed due to damage caused by heavy rains, but efforts have been made to reinstate it for the safe passage of certain vehicle categories.

Following the collapse of a section of the bridge during the heavy rains, authorities had temporarily halted its use for safety reasons. However, after careful assessment and repair work, the bridge is now accessible to specific vehicle types.

The bridge will be open to the following categories of vehicles:

motorbikes, saloon cars, station wagons/SUVs, 14-seater (taxi) vans, and 28-seater (coaster) vans.

It is important to note that any vehicles not falling under these categories will not be allowed to cross the bridge.

Travelers should expect some delays as the bridge will function as a one-lane access point. To ensure safety and avoid further disruption, drivers must adhere to the guidelines provided by Traffic Officers, follow the road signs, and pay attention to the road markings.

In the interest of public safety, further assessments will be conducted to determine whether the bridge can accommodate heavier vehicles. Until further notice, buses, lorries, and trucks of any type are prohibited from using the bridge.

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