The Katonga Bridge has been officially opened to buses, expanding its accessibility beyond light vehicles. This welcomed change is part of a broader plan to enhance transportation infrastructure in the region and improve connectivity for commuters and businesses alike.

Previously restricted to light vehicles, the decision to allow buses onto the Katonga Bridge will undoubtedly have a positive impact on public transportation in the area. The move is expected to ease traffic congestion, reduce travel times, and enhance the overall efficiency of the transit network. It has been taking close to 10 hours to travel from Kampala to Mbarara. With the opening of the bridge, the travel time will come down to 5 hours.

This milestone comes as Phase II of the Katonga Bridge construction project is well underway. Among the key components of this phase is the installation of a robust steel bridge, which will further strengthen the infrastructure and enable the restoration of full traffic flow. The inclusion of this steel bridge is a crucial step in ensuring the long-term durability and reliability of the Katonga Bridge.

Local authorities have expressed their satisfaction with the progress of the project and its potential benefits for the region. The expanded access for buses is seen as a significant step towards realizing the full potential of the Katonga Bridge in facilitating trade, tourism, and daily commuting between Kampala and Masaka.

The Katonga Bridge has always been a critical transport link, and these recent developments underscore the commitment of government and infrastructure stakeholders to invest in modernization and expansion. The local community and businesses are eagerly anticipating the completion of Phase II, which will mark a significant milestone in the journey toward full traffic restoration and the continued growth and development of this vital transportation corridor.

As construction efforts continue at a steady pace, commuters and travelers can look forward to a more efficient and convenient journey along the Kampala-Masaka Highway, with the promise of a fully restored Katonga Bridge on the horizon.


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