In the last ten days, over 600 people have been reported dead courtesy of floods in East Africa. Bushushu in the Democratic Republic of Congo which is in the locality of Lake Kivu registered over 400 deaths due to floods.

In the same week, Rwanda registered a death toll of over 130 people in one-night courtesy of floods. Uganda only registered 6 death during the same floods. However, while the flood effect is being subsidized in the neighboring countries, the Katongo River in Uganda has cut off traffic on Masaka Road.

Earlier on the police had suggested alternative routes other than the Kampala-Masaka highway in the hope that after a few hours, the waters would have calmed down to allow the situation to return to normal.

Unfortunately, part of the Katonga bridge has sunk. It is not clear what the state of the remaining bridge is and for that reason; the situation is still unclear. No media report that been issued to inform the public on the timeline they should expect the situation to return to normal.

Due to the road diversions, It takes around 6 hours to travel from Uganda’s capital Kampala to Masaka.

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