In August 2020, rumors spread suggesting that the Kabaka had passed away while receiving treatment for poisoning in Nairobi. President Museveni swiftly issued a directive, warning that individuals spreading such rumors would face arrest. Furthermore, Museveni expressed his disapproval of the misuse of social media, highlighting its role as a breeding ground for misconduct.

Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga has taken a diplomatic stance by firmly stating his decision not to engage with social media commentators who demand constant updates on the health and welfare of Buganda Kingdom Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.

During a media interaction with journalists in Kampala, Mayiga emphasized the limitations of his role, explaining that he is not a medical professional and, therefore, not responsible for Kabaka’s medical supervision. As a result, he believes it is inappropriate to hold him accountable for online criticisms regarding the King’s health.

Mayiga expressed his concerns about the exploitation of this issue to undermine the progress of Kabaka’s programs. While he refrained from mentioning specific individuals, he acknowledged the existence of baseless insinuations about Kabaka’s well-being.

Nevertheless, Mayiga reassured the public that the Kingdom’s initiatives will persist unaffected by such negative discourse. He confirmed that Kabaka receives exemplary medical care from competent healthcare professionals whenever necessary.

“I am not a doctor, and I do not participate in the Kabaka’s treatment. However, I can assure you that whenever Kabaka falls ill, he receives exceptional medical attention from skilled physicians. Health matters are private, and it is not within my jurisdiction to discuss the Kabaka’s personal health,” Mayiga stated diplomatically.

Mayiga has faced criticism from certain members of the Baganda community who have accused him of keeping the Kabaka’s health condition undisclosed. These concerns were heightened when the Kabaka appeared frail and visibly unwell during a recent Kingdom event.

Detractors have accused Mayiga, as the Kabaka’s chief of staff, of neglecting the King’s well-being and allowing him to suffer without sufficient support.

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