Uganda tourism board and the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited have entered into a partnership with UTB to design packages as well as market the Karuma Hydro dam and Isimba hydro dam as tourist attractions.

Karuma is one of Uganda’s strongest waterfalls unfortunately it has been barred from tourists by the military. People are not allowed to take photos anywhere near the waterfalls however magnificent they look. But with this partnership; the Uganda tourism board will design packages that will not only allow Ugandans but the whole world to visit the magnificent Karuma falls.

Uganda tourism board is not only to make packages for Isimba and Karuma waterfalls but also ensure that hospitality facilities are put in place. Once this is worked on; it will make Karuma another strategically located stopover to Kidepo valley national park.

Gulu highway has only been having Ziwa Rhino sanctuary as the common stop over for anyone considering a visit to Murchison falls national park or Kidepo valley national park in northern Uganda.

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