The Kampala Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Hudu Hussein has given taxi operators in Uganda’s capital Kampala a fourteen days ultimatum to vacate all ungazetted stages/stops in Kampala. Apart from the Taxi parks, there are a few places/ stages that have been operating outside the taxi park. For instance, there are Mukono, Bweyogerere, and Kireka Taxis at Mutaasa Kafeero Building, There are taxis to Nakawa and Bugolobi at the Bank of Uganda stage. There are several other stages outside the taxi parks.

The old taxi park which is one of the major taxi parks in Kampala has recently suffered a land scandal that has seen a number of stages omitted from the old taxi park. However, regardless of this recent scandal, Hudu Hussein claims that there is enough space in the taxi parks to accommodate all taxi operators in Kampala, and hence on that ground, he does not expect to see any taxi loading in ungazetted locations 14 days from today.

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