Chimpanzee Gala Fundraiser

Sheraton Kampala hosted ‘Chimpanzee Gala Fundraiser’

When on the evening of the 31st of August Uganda’s corporate and society who is who will congregate at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel for a fundraiser in favour of Ngamba Island, Uganda’s sole chimpanzee sanctuary island on Lake Victoria, one organization was already having put its commitment down to the tune of some 30 million Uganda Shillings, the Sheraton Kampala Hotel itself.

Sheraton Kampala to host ‘Chimpanzee Gala Fundraiser ‘Long at the forefront of conservation support, with their Green Fund and most notably their support to the rhino re-introduction to the country when the hotel sponsored the importation of Sherino, now housed at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe.

For this event did James Rattos, Director of Sales and marketing at the hotel, say to this correspondent: ‘Sheraton Kampala Hotel is supporting Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary raise funds to feed orphaned and rescued chimpanzees.

We started by hosting a Press Conference for them. Now we have provided for them space to sell their tickets which we printed for them including posters and fliers. We are also helping them market this event. The meals that will be served on that day will be charged at cost. The hotel is not making any money at all. Our contribution in monetary terms towards this event is close to 30 Million Shillings.

The event was a Dinner Dance with the chef putting up a splendid array of dishes. It will be a buffet so the guests can choose and enjoy as much as they want. A live band will be in attendance and there will be an auction as well as a raffle draw so that we can raise more funds’.

Time for Kampalans to make that appointment with conservation for the last Saturday of the month, with tickets available at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel lobby between the reception and the elevators.

About the Author: Moses is an East African writer based in Kigali Rwanda. He writes about many events in east Africa regarding wildlife life conservation, and his major interest of writing is chimps and mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo!

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