Kampala, Uganda’s national financial and entertainment capital might be set to witness an increase in international and domestic traveler footfalls as new research from Kampala Sun-News sees the city rank among Africa’s top trending destinations for 2017.

The information specialists at Kampala Sun News analyzed the main 100 travel destinations based on increasing search and reservation to find the most improving destinations to visit in 2017. At the point when investigated against wider trends, Kampala has recorded a large volume of travel and higher than normal growth in reservations, while climbing ten spots among the most searched destinations in Africa in respect to last year.

Kampala City

The other top trending tourist destinations recorded are Nairobi in Kenya, Johannesburg in South Africa, Gaborone in Botswana, and Lusaka Zambia.

The specialists at Kampala Sun News likewise shed light on 8 noteworthy travel forecasts for 2017 by outfitting the wealth of information, tourist supports, reviews, insights, and preferences and inspired by industry driving understanding and advancement in e-commerce travel technology.

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