Twitter has suspended Kakwenza’s Twitter account for abusing the Twitter guidelines. The Ugandan award-winning novelist; Kakwenza Rukirabashaija was likely suspended on grounds of abusive behavior which is against Twitter guidelines. Kakwenza has been quoted on several occasions in bitter abusive exchanges with Muhoozi, the president of Uganda, the Judiciary, and a number of NRM government propagandists on Twitter.


In response to one of Muhoozi’s tweets, he was quoted saying, “This idiot must be drunk. I met him 3 times and he was in charge of my torture. He even bought me clothes after what I had, got shredded and bloodied. Khaki Trouser, Shirt, Sweater, vest, and underwear.”

In other instances, he was quoted using expressly abusive words against the judges. Many Ugandans on Twitter think it is the government’s move to block all Kakwenza’s accounts however Twitter cannot suspend any account without looking into their guidelines. The same government that is claimed to have been behind the blocking of Kakwenza’s account banned Facebook in Uganda after a number of Facebook accounts that belonged to NRM propagandists were terminated by Facebook.

Besides his writing career; Kakwenza Rukirabashaija has been trending in Uganda after he was arrested, imprisoned without trial, tortured physically and psychologically. Photos of the torture scars have been making rounds on social media. It was these photos are were the main points of contention also attracting abusive exchanges. The climax of the whole saga was even Kakwenze escaped Uganda through Rwanda to find treatment and refuge in Germany.

It was during these days of transit that Kakwenza was very vocal on Twitter.

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