Julius Ssekitoleko a Ugandan weightlifter who was reported missing in Tokyo after receiving news of returning home even before the 2020 Olympics started has been found just a couple of days after his last seen. The 20-year-old who was part of the Kisugu based gym left behind an expecting wife with hopes high to make a mark at the Olympics 2020 peradventure to also have a total turnaround in life but all these dreams ended in tears after missing a slot in the 67kg category.

Yesterday, the Japanese ambassador to Uganda had an engagement with the ministry of foreign affairs in Uganda which was concluded with promises of sending Uganda’s minister of sports to Japan to also participate in the investigations of the missing Ugandan.

The government of Uganda promised a serious punishment to Julius Ssekitoleko for misrepresenting Uganda as well as serving as an example to anyone who has plans of attempting to go missing during international sports campaigns.

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