The African centre for disease control in conjunction with the African Union purchased a number of Covid-19 vaccines for a number of African countries on a discounted offer. According to the Prime Minister Hon. Robinah Nabanja; Vaccines that were to be acquired outside this arrangement were relatively expensive flouting the Uganda government procurement procedures.

Since the beginning of 2021; the government of Uganda was using mainly donated Covid-19 vaccine doses. Eight months into the year, the 9 million Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses that were bought by Uganda are expected to start arriving in the country in September 2021. Unlike the other Covid-19 Jabs, Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one jab

It is believed that the vaccination process will move on more smoothly and faster once vaccination with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine starts in Uganda. The president had plans of opening the whole country once at least 5 million Ugandans are vaccinated. With only one million Ugandans so far vaccinated; the arrival of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses in Uganda present a big vaccination potential

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