In the mid of last week, the executive director of Kampala city council authority resigned as she had earlier said. Jennifer Musisi’s tenure was grey or was of a mixed feeling as the public got divided between her being a good and a success and others saying she was bad. She was famously known for bringing strict laws in Kampala as she chased away hawkers and vendors on the streets and also came up with new taxes in order to raise the tax base of the city. on the other hand, she organized the city and turned it into a formidable one. Kampala became a very beautiful and clean city and also the traffic was organized.

When she was handing over the top office in Kampala, this is what she had to say “today I hand over a beautiful city better than how I found it and I know if the team I have left back given hand and assisted, the work will continue.” Jennifer Musisi. She has handed over 13 bank accounts with over Shs113.9bn. However, Kamya has said is taking over the office on an interim basis although the President has not yet accepted the resignation of Musisi. “I am taking this office under a condition as am waiting for the next step by the president.”

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