Islands in Uganda

Islands are pieces of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Continental Islands were formed when rising seas (for example, at the end of an ice age) cut off part of the land from a continent on the other hand volcanic Island are formed by volcanic activity on the seabed, often near the boundaries of the tectonic plates that form Earth’s crust. Where two plates pull apart, lava erupts to form an undersea ridge. Layers of lava build up until a ridge breaks the sea’s surface to form an island.

Uganda has numerous Islands all of which offer great sightseeing, exploration, rambling and sporting opportunities. Luxury and budget Uganda safaris are organized to some of these Islands thats are somehow developed for tourism purposes. Some of them include Ngamba Island, Ssese Islands with cluster Islands like Bukasa Island, Buggala Island, Bufumira Island, Bukasa Island, Bubeke Island and Kkome island among others.

Ssese Islands:

Lake Victoria is compassed of 84 islands off the western shore. They are increasingly popular and offer a lot from relaxation since they are not overrun with visitors insights of the lives of the people known as Basese who are primarily fishermen and farmers. Rambling is the best way to see the islands and boat rides which the fishermen can be talked into. At Ssese Island, visitors can enjoy bird watching, sport fishing, sun bath, boat trips and so on.

The most memorable tours and historical places of interest in Ssese include:

Nsirwe Island, famous for both birding and spider breeding.

Bugaba Island, the birth and home place of the African Grey parrots .It also hosts a living sample of a true African virgin Equatorial forest.

Bubembe and Funve Islands, and Serinya, Banda and Kitobo Islands.

Buggala Island is the largest Island on Lake Victoria and the best developed for tourism and regularly receives visitors from with in and from different nations. Kalangala is the administrative centre for the islands and is on the eastern end of the Islands. Animals and birds like the velvet monkey, Bushbuck and black and white colobus among others.

Visitors can as well see water loving birds like hornbills, turacos, barbets, flycatchers, robin-chats besides others.

Bukasa Island is the second largest in Lake Victoria waters and it is very attractive. Attractions here include forests, monkeys and birds. Points of interest are a plunge pool surrounded by forest and a waterfall. Activities here include forest walk, boat trip, sport fishing, bird watching among others.

Ngamba Island is also found in Lake Victoria, it can be reached by speed boat, ferry, planes among others. It is 23km from Entebbe town and can be reached in 45 minutes by water and few minutes by air. Ngamba Island is commonly known for chimpanzees as it hosts 48 orphaned chimps rescued from throughout Uganda. Tourist activities here include chimp viewing, birding, forest walks, sun set boat trips, sport fishing, swimming among others.

Bunyonyi Islands: There are several Islands on Lake Bunyonyi and are worth visiting due to the fact thet, Lake Bunyonyi hosts a variety of unique wild life especially many birds. The scenic beauty of Lake Bunyonyi is also worth visiting this lake notable some of the islands include Bwama sland, Bushara Island, Itambara Island, Akampene and Akabucuanuka islands. Tourism in these islands is not well developed in Uganda, more marketing strategies required to improve tourism on some of these islands. Currently, we have some tourism in Ssese Island. We should encourage fellow Ugandans and other travelers can enjoy cheap Uganda safari holiday to any of these islands for honeymoon or weekend break.