The poverty levels most especially in low developed countries have risen due to falling in employment and working hours and resulted in the drop of labor income in the community. The number of poor people in 2020 was increased by 108m, the  family could live on shs7000 per day and the programs that were going ahead to reduce the level of poverty in LDC countries was posed due to covid-19

The delay and disruption caused by covid-19 in the labor market among the youth may last for more years due to market experience. A total of 8.7% of fall in employment was noticed in 2020 compared to the adult who is at 3.7%. The low purchasing power in the community resulted in a rapid decrease in demand for goods and services which affected the supply and production of goods leading to low demand of labor in the production sector cause the unemployment

The pandemic hit the vulnerable people harder compare to others which resulted in an increased gap of inequality in the population. The informal sector workers were disrupted they could not cater for their family incomes and livelihoods and they lacked social protection

Lockdown issues have forced the ladies to go back in the traditional way since most of the women fell out of the labor market. The employment of women became had and they were forced to remain home and do domestic work. The percentage of women employed in 2020 went down up to 5%

The youth labor market was highly affected too due to the pandemic hence creating gender imbalance among the youth labor market. The highest number of the youth was laid off from the employment due to less demand of their labor during the covid -19

Recovering from the pandemic is not a health issue. The biggest issue is the damages that were caused to economies and the societies of the country. And these issues need to be overcome. The government needs to put more effort to work decent jobs to reduce unemployment in the country. We need different strategies based on human-centered policies to help the most vulnerable members in the community and fund them. The effects resulted from the pandemic could be with us for a long time in form of poverty and inequalities within the community and lost human life

The government should focus on creating creative employment and a labor market to boost the economy. Strategies and structures should base on supporting the household incomes and labor market transition. The problem of working hours and direct employment losses government can promote the broad-based economic growth and strengthening the institutional funds needed. And this can be done by using social dialogue to develop human-centered recovery strategies

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