There are several places to consider for your weekend gateway from Kampala putting in mind a set off in the evening of Friday and a return to Kampala on the evening of Sunday the same week.

The following are some of the places to consider for your Kampala weekend getaway itinerary; Ssezibwa falls, Source of the Nile, Ngamba Island, Lake Mburo National Park, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, quad bikes, horse rides among several other activities.
Choose One Route

There are mainly four major tourism routes from the capital of Uganda Kampala, Entebbe route connecting to Entebbe international airport, Jinja route connecting to the East of Uganda, Masaka Route connecting to the west, and Luwero route connecting to the north.

Each of these routes has its own unique weekend getaway. Here are the activities to consider before choosing which route to take for your Kampala weekend getaway.
Entebbe Route

Entebbe is mostly popular for the Entebbe international airport. But besides it being the main international gateway of Uganda, it offers a number of activities to consider for your weekend getaway.

Consider Uganda wildlife education center for a family weekend getaway. It offers classy accommodation fit for a family of up to six people. Along with your visit to the Entebbe wildlife conservation education center, you can consider a tour of the different craft markets in Entebbe, Entebbe reptile village, botanical gardens, and Ngamba Island.

UWEC Giraffe View

Entebbe is also a recommended inception point for weekend getaways on lake Victoria connecting to Kalangala islands, Bulago Island, among several other islands on Lake Victoria. You might have to consider Jinja too for the same island getaways.

Visit for the best Entebbe hotels guide. Whether you are considering budget, midrange, or luxurious accommodation, Entebbe airport hotels will offer you all the details.
Jinja Route

Kampala Jinja highway is the main road that connects Kampala to the border of Uganda and Kenya. However it might not be possible to travel that far for a weekend getaway, therefore you might have to consider the following places for your weekend getaway using the Jinja route:

Source of the Nile, Ssezibwa falls in Mukono, Quad bikes in Jinja (Recommended for family trips), canoeing in Jinja, white water rafting, zip-lining in Mabira forest, Kayaking along the Nile in Jinja city. You can also relax at some of the hotels overseeing the source of the Nile for your weekend

Jinja route is the most recommended route for a weekend getaway from Kampala. The only weekend getaway route next to it is the Entebbe international airport route
Masaka Route

Masaka route is the only route that offers a game park experience for a weekend getaway from Kampala. The most popular activity on this route is a visit to Lake Mburo national park.

Lake Mburo national park.

In the same park, it possible to do a game drive with a non-salon car, guided nature walks, boat trips, bird watching, mountain biking, and horse riding. Lake Mburo national park is popularly known for antelopes including but not limited to Impalas, waterbucks, bushbucks, Uganda Kob among several other antelopes.

It is very possible to set off from Kampala in the evening and spend it at night in Masaka town. Unless you wish to save on accommodation, but you can spend your first night in Masaka then proceed to Lake Mburo national park the next morning.
Luwero Route

Luwero route is the most popular route for connecting to Murchison falls national park in northern Uganda; however, it might take you a minimum of three days to transfer to Murchison falls and back without rushing.

Courtesy Photo: Quicket Awesome Experience

The most popular weekend getaway on the Luwero route is the Kapeka firing range. It is common for us o watch movies where people are shooting with semi-machine guns; but at the Kapeka shooting range, you will have hands-on experience in shooting.

It is a highly recommended route for groups with youth and young adults. Though the place has a section for kids, we would highly recommend it for mature groups
Plan For The Right Transport Means

There are mainly three cars known for travel in Uganda, the Rav4s, Vans, and the Land cruisers. Land cruisers are recommended for families while Rav4s are not recommended for groups greater than 4 people.

Vans are rarely offered for self-drive. It is commonly the Rav4s and Land cruisers that are offered for self-drive in Uganda. You can visit some of the following service providers for the best car hire quotes around town namely; 4×4 Uganda, Rental Cars Uganda, Uganda Car Rental, and Entebbe Airport Car Rental among several other car hire service providers.

You can also use your personal car for most of these weekend getaways with exception of Lake Mburo national park which does not allow salon cars in the park following the new Uganda wildlife Authority guidelines.

There is also an option of using a motorcycle. Try motorcycle adventures for some of the best motorcycle hire deals in Uganda.
Cost of Fuel

When considering a car for your self-drive weekend getaway, there are often two options more so for family cars, diesel, and gasoline. Diesel is often recommended since it is cheaper than gasoline.
Where to Sleep

There are mainly three accommodation options, spending a night at a friend’s place, a camping ground or hotel, and Airbnb. This will also influence your budget. If you are considering budget accommodation, camping would be a good option.

It is possible to hire a car with a camping car if you are visiting places that do not offer camping gear. However, you can also seek budget accommodation putting into consideration the budget for fuel from that lodge and the comfort.

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