How to Fix “Wallpaper” Damaged?

Of all the existing siding, the wallpaper is the most inexpensive but fragile coating is damaged. Cause often damaged due wallpaper-life could not last long.

Materials paper wallpaper is torn and scratched vulnerable although only slightly bumped household. Slight tear in the wallpaper will spread because of the fragile nature of the paper. If the little left, then the extent of the damaged wallpaper will be widened so as to repair should be replaced entirely. And this will repair costs are not few in number.

However, you can prevent it by fixing damaged parts before giving up and forced to buy a new wallpaper. Consider the following four steps:

Backup material

When deciding to install the wallpaper as wall-coverings, favored 10% of the total material to be used. Excess material is allocated as a reserve to repair damaged wallpaper.

The second step is a check to the store where you bought wallpaper and ask what type of wallpaper you are still available. This step is carried out when there is no backup material preparation wallpaper. To see your wallpaper code, look at the memorandum of the store where you bought the wallpaper.