Self-drive safaris are some of the ways to get around Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya among several other African countries. One of the common unforeseen inconveniences is hiring a car that already has a traffic ticket.

Each country in East Africa has its own procedures for checking for traffic tickets. What is very common is car rental agencies usually clear all the traffic tickets in their home countries but forget to settle the traffic tickets acquired in foreign countries.

Therefore if you are hiring a car for overland purposes; that is hiring a car in Uganda with plans of crossing to Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is recommended you check whether the car does not have traffic.

In Rwanda, you simply have to visit, you will be presented with the option you keying in your car plate number and TIN number. Since you will be checking for a foreign vehicle, you will simply have to select a foreign vehicle instead of keying in the plate number and Tin number.

You can also directly visit the foreign vehicle fines directory by clicking here. You will be presented with a section that only requires your car plate number. Once you key in the car plate number you wish to check, you will be given feedback on whether it has fines to settle or not.


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