Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, a prominent figure from the House of Prayer Ministries, has broken his silence following a chilling assassination attempt that unfolded Tuesday night, leaving his bodyguard dead.

In a video circulating on social media, Bugingo, hours after the horrifying incident, addressed his well-being, expressing gratitude for the support and prayers extended to him during this distressing time. Despite the tragic loss of his bodyguard, Richard Muhumuza, Bugingo reassured his audience about his condition, stating, “I am still alive. Thank you for praying for me, and I ask you to continue. Unfortunately, our servant Richard Muhumuza lost his life. I was able to rush to Mulago Hospital for treatment, and more doctors have been attending to me. I’m in a stable situation.”

Bugingo, visibly shaken but resolute, attributed his survival to divine intervention, emphasizing, “God has just given me another chance to live. There should be no fear or worries; we shall go through this by God’s grace. Do not be misled by anyone claiming that I am dead. I’m alive. This is not an old video because the bullets were fired last night, and I am speaking now. I’m alive.”

Police authorities have confirmed that the attack occurred at Bwalakata Junction along National Housing Road, situated in Namungona, Zone 2, Kasubi Rubaga Division, Kampala. Despite sustaining injuries, Bugingo managed to transport himself to Mulago Hospital. Tragically, Muhumuza succumbed to the assault and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The investigation into this brazen attempt on the pastor’s life is currently underway as law enforcement agencies seek to unravel the motives and apprehend those responsible for the attack.

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  1. Ba Pastor banno may be involve, but me wonders, how on earth did you survive the bullets yet they went thru both one window or what, they appear to have been fired from inside the vehicle!

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