The Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality Honorable Betty Nambooze Bakireke revealed that she was attacked by unknown assailants in her home in Nakabago industrial area.  According to Honorable Nambooze, the assailants broke into her bedroom but luckily, her husband was present to fight them off.

In her recount of the events, she said; “I thought they had first killed my husband. I could not tell how they reached my bedroom. I called him in fear and I thank God that he had not been hurt. He came to rescue and fought with the attacker, I still do not know how I survived, I woke up to a man in the bedroom, saying that he had been sent to kill me, he told me to say my last prayer, and I still can not know how I survived,”

She blamed the police for withdrawing her police security unit from her. However, the police are investigating the case.

By SePH256

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