Head teacher in Mbarara Caught Soliciting Money From Parents Illegally

A primary school head teacher in Mbarara district has been arrested for illegally soliciting money from parent.

Jolly Tumwebaze, the head teacher at Kabingo one primary school in Nyakayojo division was arrested after she reportedly sent pupils home for failing to pay school fees due with each pupil in lower class paying 30,000 shillings and 35000 in upper classes.

Kabingo primary school is universal primary education school an initiative put up by the NRM government to eradicate illiteracy in Uganda where by it put up school for free educations to Uganda.

However, in the remote areas where some locals are ignorant about UPE project the head teachers take advantage of them to ask for a small fee of money yet education in these school is free of charge. They are only supposed to buy school accessories like uniforms and scholastic materials.