The minister of security Major General Jim Muhwezi issued a letter dated 11th January 2022 through the office of the president to Resident district commissioners (RDC), Resident City Commissioners (RCC), District Police commanders (DPC), and the District internal security officers(DISO).

In the letter, Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi is quoted saying; “we have received information that there are criminals moving around villages especially in western region masquerading/pretending to be hawkers/traders. This practice of moving in villages selling items should not be allowed as it is a source of insecurity. Those who want to trade should do so in trading centers.”

It is unclear is whether the minister meant all hawkers to trade in markets or to continue with their hawking business only in town (trading centers). But whatever he meant, this might be the main reason behind the hawker ban crisis in Kampala.

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