Government of Uganda Declares Friday The Mourning Day

On the Saturday 24th of November 2018, a boat capsized in Lake Victoria where hundreds of revelers where having a good times on the fresh waters of Uganda. The sickening event happened at night around 9:00pm where the boat have a mechanical failure and it could not run and sail anymore as water entered it through a leakage and it submerged into the lake. About 30 people were found dead and 25 rescued from the tragedy but the rest have not yet been retrieved or recovered. On the boat cruise, there were some prominent people namely prince Wasajja of Buganda kingdom, musicians Irene Namubiru and The Mith and these all cheated death.

So as the nation mourns and reflects upon the tragic loss of over 30 people in yet another accident on Lake Victoria, the government of Uganda has declared Friday a day of national mourning.

First Deputy Prime Minister, Gen (RTD) Moses Ali yesterday told the parliament that Friday will be a day for rest of Ugandans to condole with those who are grieving for their loved ones lost in last Saturday boat accident.

There were about 100 people of the boat but about 50 people have been retrieved and found and the rest are to be found so the operation of retrieving the rest of the people is still going. The police and military marine are working to tirelessly to pull out the wreckage since it is thought that people might be struck in there.