Gold Hela has a few characteristics of a multilevel marketing app. We are going to attempt to examine what exactly is Gold Hela? Are there similar platforms to gold Hela? At the end of this article, you will be better positioned to conclude whether it is a scam or legit platform.

What is a pyramid or Ponzi scheme?

According to the Oxford dictionary, ” a Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.”

According to the above definition, we ought to examine three important items; Who is paid? Where does the money they get paid come from? and lastly, how quick are the returns.

In a Ponzi scheme, the money paid to the first investors comes from later investors. The first people to join always benefit from the people who join later. The subscription or sign up fee money is what the first investors earn from.

Later investors always earn lesser than the first investors and the return of investment mainly bases on how many people subscribe through your shared link. Once the number of investors grows beyond what the scheme can pay, it automatically collapses

Apps Similar to Gold Hela

There are several other apps similar to gold hela. These include but not limited to Lipapal, Best Mula, Stateearn, Twigamart among others. Most of these apps have been operating in Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania among other African countries.

Unlike BLQ that collapsed a few months ago, all the above mentioned apps are still operational. However it is important to note that these apps are relatively different from Century Ranch and BLQ.

How is Gold Hela different From BLQ and Century Ranch

Gold Hela is a multilevel marketing app. Its returns mainly come from referrals. BLQ ran on both referrals and investing a given amount of money by which you got a varying return of investment. The higher your deposit was, the higher your return of investment.

The same applies to Century Ranch. Your return of investment is based on how much money you have invested with them and the number of people you have referred using your link.

Gold Hela is a beat different. It only requires a sign up fee. You will not get returns of investment based on how much money you deposit, rather you will get a return of investment based on how many people sign up using your link. There is also an option of watching ads on several platform in order to get paid.

How to make money using Gold Hela

There are five listed ways of earning money with Gold Hela; watching ads on different platforms, clicking on ads, answering trivia questions, spin & win and lastly affiliate marketing. Earning options other than affiliate marketing do not offer relatively reasonable returns.

For this reason, many people using this app often opt for affiliate marketing to make money.

Is Gold Hela Scam or Legit?

Gold Hela is a Ponzi / multilevel marketing/pyramid scheme. That places it in the category of fraud and scam.

Nonetheless, their subscription fee is very low, and the return is based on how many people you can convince to sign up. You will not lose a lot  money like it is with Century ranch in case it closes.  Therefore if you are willing to convince a few people as well as part with $6, you will get a few returns from Gold Hela.

Do I recommend Gold Hela?

I do not recommend any network marketing platform. It is fraud. I cannot recommend Gold Hela and any apps similar to it. If you choose to invest in such apps, there is a possibility of you earning but the chances that the app will collapse and disappear with your money are way above average.


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