Gashumbas Embarrassed at Makerere.

Sheila Gashumba will take some time before strutting her ample butt at Makerere University principle grounds.

She was irritated and almost slapped by angry students at the campus’ freedom square, Friday night, where she was among the judges at the 2015 Face of MUK grand finale.

“Gashumba who… ?… Gashumba zee”… She has no university ID, the irate students fumed. They argued that she wasn’t qualified to judge a university competition.

They blamed her for displaying pride and arrogance in such a way, to the point that would do her father proud. “You don’t address Makerereans before completing senior six!” They bayed.

Seeing the situation going out of control, Frank Gashumba stepped into rescue the situation. He just fanned the fury of the situation. The students did not give him a chance to try and complete a sentence. Gashumba, similar to his girl, was also pulled off the stage. “Your intellect can’t allow you to address us. Go to Kyambogo or Busitema University,”

The two after a couple of minutes found their way out of the venue escorted by the police. Sheila looked hopeless and Frank Gashumba agitated.

With the Gashumbas away, calm returned and a

After a while, the situation got calm and the event proceeded as arranged, without the Gashumbas who had already freed the university campus. Effort to get a word from Mr. Gashumba shows worthless as he rushed to take his daughter back home.