Deontay Wilder had been the WBC heavyweight from 2015 to 2020. He made 10 successful defenses to his title among which included knocking out Tyson Fury. Last year he had a rematch that he lost to Tyson fury after his team throwing in the towel after a terrible knockout from Tyson Fury. However much Wilder was willing to go on, his team didn’t see him fit to continue the fight. Upon this loss, he lost his WBC heavyweight title Tyson Fury.

In his first year as the WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury had to defend his title against the former champion Deontay Wilder. This was their third tangle and it felt like it could go either way. In the first round, Wilder dominated with a number of lower jabs but when he came back in the other rounds, it seemed like he had given up on his first plan going back to his ultimate plan of seeking a knockout.

In his attempt to go for the head of Tyson Fury, he received a terrible knockout in the third round. Even though he was able to get back to his feet again, he seemed unstable for the rest of the rounds. In the fourth round, he knocked out Tyson Fury twice but not to the magnitude of the effect of Tyson Fury’s knockout in the third round.

It seemed like Wilder would come back to dominate in the other rounds, but he seemed worn out compared to fury. Starting in the fifth round, Fury was able to execute a number of successful jabs on the head of Wilder. Towards the 11th round, the worn-out Wilder has knocked out again but was able to get back on his feet again.

There was some hope for the fans of Wilder. They thought it would end in a count but unfortunately, Tyson Fury was able to deliver the final knockout that saw the end of the match. With his Knockout win, Tyson fury was able to win his first defense for the WBC heavyweight champion title.

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