The National Unity Platform (NUP) secretary-general  David Rubongoya confirmed the rumours of the release of Uganda’s Turkey-based Vlogger Fred Kajjubi “Lumbuye”. While the whereabouts of Fred Lumbuya has been unclear for some time; it has been made clear that he was detained in Turkey on grounds that are still unclear.

In a Facebook post that was shared by the president of NUP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu he said; “I am very glad that after several months in detention, political activist Fred Kajubi Lumbuye was yesterday released from jail in Turkey. I am very grateful to the legal team, our diaspora leadership and all Ugandans who did everything to see that he gets his freedom,”

Until now; nothing has been heard from Lumbuye himself. The public is waiting with fingers crossed to hear what he has to say about his detention experience and story.

By SePH256

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