In a heated interview between Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago, the legal representative of Honorable Allan Ssewanyana and Mohammed Ssegirinya, and the head of the prisons in Uganda Mr. Frank Baine; the head of prisons denied the torture allegations unfortunately his submission left him between a rock and stone after agreeing that the two honorable members of parliament are not in good health condition.

He was later asked whether they sustained the torture bruises and wounds in prison or before they entered prison but he couldn’t make a proper submission about the matter. All he had to say was; the prisons have the capacity to take care of their health needs. And regarding their health state; he said the republic couldn’t be made public because health matters are always private issues.

The lord mayor accused the OC of Kigo prison of refusing to sign their affidavit on grounds that the honorable members were not in a poor health condition as stated in the affidavit yet the head of prisons in Uganda agreed that they are not in good health condition. With this unconcluded exchange, the hope for the bail of Honorable Allan Ssewanyana and Mohammed Ssegirinya is still in the mist.

It should be noted that earlier on upon their arrest, the president came out to push for the removal of bail in cases of murder. Upon issuing his stand, the honorable members have been denied bail in instances that still remain unclear to many legal practitioners.

By SePH256

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