One of the most talented rappers in the history of Uganda nicknamed himself Feffe Bussi small rapper has released a new song telling his story to the public about what he went through on his journey to the Gulu to meet general Salim Saleh. The song was named “Emboozi ye Gulu”

The song had all the names of the musician he went with to me General Saleh. Gen Saleh was given a project on Uganda’s wealth creation. He realized that most of the people in the city of Kampala will over meet him he decided to shift his office away from Kampala to Gulu. the distance from the city limited a lot of people to meet him because of transport cost. Some of the musicians in Uganda under the group of all-stars association traveled to meet him and see how they can take up the group and coordinate with other artists.

Some of the musicians he mentioned in the song are Cindy Pallaso Phiina Masanyalaze, ragga dee, Ronald Mayinja, weasel,chameleone big eye, King Micheal Ziza Bafana, Kabako, King Saha at this time they did not matter about the political party both the NRM and NUP members were together

Some of the people in the public believe that you cant meet General Saleh and leave empty-handed but the actual sense people go there for ideas and a lot of the rumors came out saying that chameleone got 200m for his group which is not the truth. others are trying to see a way to rescue the industry from the poverty levels of most musicians.

The issue that took them to Gulu was the copyright issue for Ugandan music as one of their issues and generally appreciated the idea they brought on his table and encouraged them to go ahead with the policy. during the meeting, some musicians went angry and lost control when they had about one music center from the general. the reason to be angry was starting one music center, they never involved or asked the share and stakeholders of Uganda music to come up with such a plan.

General Saleh told them about the online concert how he paid for it, but the musician denied it and said all the money General Saleh invested in the concert was taken by the blockers who were given money to pay the artists. For more information about the journey to Gulu, you can download the song from his links

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