On 21st January 2022, the Uganda tourism board launched a new tourism brand for Uganda dubbed “Explore Uganda”. The brand seeks to present Uganda as an experiential destination, not just a sightseeing destination. Even though there is a lot Uganda has to offer in terms of sights and sounds, the explore Uganda brand seeks to build an all-inclusive experience.

The proprietors of the brand seek to show how Uganda is in every way the pearl of Africa. For that to be achieved, there is a need to showcase Uganda beyond wildlife. Even though wildlife remains one of the main highlights of the explore Uganda brand, the Uganda tourism board seeks to use it as simply a launchpad for the greater experiences that Uganda has to offer.

In Uganda, the Explore Uganda launch was a success regardless of the fact that some private sector stakeholders boycotted the event on grounds that they were not informed in advance. In order to further the brand, Uganda has gone further to launch the Explore Uganda brand in Dubai.

Explore Uganda Dubai Expo

The CEO of the Uganda tourism board Lilly Ajarova graced the event with a marketing speech sharing the details of what Uganda has to offer. She presented Uganda as the world’s premier primate capital. The only place in the world where you can find mountain gorillas and chimpanzees in the same national park. She boasted about Kibale forest national park hosting a total of 13 primate species in the same habitat.

Her speech hinted at almost everything Uganda has to offer in terms of landscapes, adventure activities, the good weather, the big five, the culture, the mountaineering, and the hospitable people among several other diversities.

The Explore Uganda Dubai Expo was similarly a colorful event like the former. But one still lacks is the specialized showcasing of each product Uganda has to offer. There were no unique packages tailored to a particular product. For instance, besides hints on gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking, there were no Unique primate packages that were put out.

Besides, there is still hope for improvement as time goes on. As long the tour operators buy into the explore Uganda brand, there is no limit to what Uganda has to offer.

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