Explore Semuliki National Park – Uganda

Semuliki National Park covers around 210sq km in the East of Ituri forest and structures a part of the forest continuum during the climatic changes of the pleistoncene. It’s located around 52km from Fort Portal, its one of the richest regions in East Africa with mainly birds. It’s located in Bundibugyo district on Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo boarder in Western arm of East African rift valley.
The national park is one of the newest parks in the country and it occupies a flat to gentic landscape ranging from 670-760 meters over the sea level.

Tour activities in the park
Amazing scenery, hot springs, primate watching, birding, forest nature walk and meandering river Semiliki offers the most attractions at Semiliki National Park. Come and spend five to seven days having a wonderful life away home.

Hot spring visit
At Semiliki National Park there are wonderful and amazing views. An experience of the most exciting meandering Bundibugyo road through Rwenzori escarpments is guarantee.
There are two hot springs in tract of hot mineral thick swampland, enriched with lovely birds, insects and mammals.

Bird watching
The national park is blessed with a variety of lovely broad billed Rover, green wood-hoopoe, African grey Hornbill, African mustached warbler, dark red-bishop, piapiac, red-shouldered cuckoo among others.
Semiliki is additionally equipped with fishing facilities. These also enable spot fishing to take place in the park.

There a campground inside the national park at Bundibugy, this is around 2km from Sempaya gate. You can spend a night here or two. You can hire a tent or carry your own tent for camping. The site additionally a canteen stocked with both African and European food and drinks but food is arranged on order. If you wish, you can prepare you own food using hired cooking utensils.

Another camp is Sempaya gate. At this camp cooking utensils are for hire, but carry your own tent and food. There are additionally luxury accommodations incorporating hotels and lodges in Fort Portal.