UEFA Euro 2016 Updates: Who Qualified? Second Round Line-up

Third place at Euro 2016: How it works, who qualified and last 16 draw

UEFA Euro 2016 tournament is taking place in France. Only 8 of the 24 sides at UEFA Euro 2016 are knocked out after the group stage, meaning that 4 of the 6 third-placed teams will make the last-16 – but how did it all work?

The expansion of the tournament for this Euro 2016 edition has been a success on the pitch – however, it left one confusing point of business: how did the 24 teams get cut down to 16? Here’s the explanation:

Last 16 Draw

Match 1: Switzerland v Poland
Match 2: Croatia v Portugal
Match 3: Wales v Northern Ireland
Match 4: Hungary v Belgium
Match 5: Germany v Slovakia
Match 6: Italy v Spain
Match 7: France v Republic of Ireland
Match 8: England v Iceland

The Best 4 Third Place Teams: Euro 2016 France

Route to The Final: EURO 2016 France

Euro 2016 Route to the final

Euro 2016 Route to the final

Teams Qualified for Last 16

France – Winners Group A
Switzerland – Runners-up Group A
Wales – Winners Group B
England – Runners-up Group B
Slovakia – Third place Group B
Germany – Winners Group C
Poland – Runners-up Group C
Northern Ireland – Third place Group C
Croatia – Winners Group D
Spain – Runners-up Group D
Italy – Winners Group E
Belgium – Runners-up Group E
Republic of Ireland – Third place Group E
Hungary – Winners Group F
Iceland – Runners-up Group F
Portugal – Third place Group F

How were the Third-placed Teams assigned?

It’s a case of referring to the table below to determine who will play whom.

The best-placed teams came from Groups B, C, E and F, meaning:

Slovakia (Group B) play Germany (Winners Group C)

Northern Ireland (Group C) play Wales (Winners Group B)

Republic of Ireland (Group E) play France (Winners Group A)

Portugal (Group F) play Croatia (Winners Group D)