Ethiopian Troops withdraw from Somalia due to lack of support

somaliaThe Ethiopian government has decided to withdraw its troops from Somalia, where they had been fighting Islamist militants.

It is believed that the cat is due to the lack of funding from the international community, taking after the EU’s late cut in its subsidizing for foreign troops in Somalia.

Ethiopia is a main benefactor of fighters to the Amisom – African Union Mission in Somalia.
Ethiopia has as of late pulled back from several different bases, which were immediately occupied by al-Shabab militants.

Somalian officials in Bakool region say several residents have as of now fled the region since the Ethiopian troops left, fearing the attack of al-Shabab, which is a part of al-Qaeda.

Communications Minister of Ethiopia Getachew Reda told the press that the troops pulled back from south western part of Somalia were not part of Amisom.

“It is a different cluster sent to give support to Amisom and Somali armed forces,” Mr Getachew added.
He likewise denied reports that the withdrawal was due to turmoil at home which prompted to a state of emergency being declared, saying there were sufficient troops to handle that.

He said the Somali army ought to have been in a position to move in after Ethiopia’s withdrawal.
He also added that, the international community has a duty either to train or to support the Somali National Army.

He went ahead to warn that lack of interest would just create way for an al-Shabab takeover.
The European Union is the major contributor of financing for Amisom. In any case, it was declared in June that its financing for the mission would be reduced by 20%.

Ethiopia is not the first supplier of troops in Somalia to grumble about a lack of global support.
Burundi, Uganda and Djibouti, which additionally contribute to Amisom, have made same complaints before, he says.
Source: BBC