There has been a shift from the traditional physical classroom sitting of exams at most of the international universities. During the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, there have been rising numbers of universities conducting online exams which have also seen an increase in the number of malpractice cases climaxing into expulsion in some situations.

Bedrooms have turned into examination rooms. Students are getting support from housemates by sharing photos of the questions and answers. There was a scenario where students shared answers in their social media group which promptly one of the members to report the matter to the University administration

According to the Telegraph, there are many universities that have issued unsupervised online tests with a 24 hours window or days to submit their work.

To some students, a university degree is worthless. The only important thing about it is the certificate. There are no examples of graduates whose careers have been ruined because they cheated exams. Besides the few that have been caught cheating, there is no recognizable challenge that comes with cheating exams as long as you have a certified certificate.

Source: The Telegraph



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