Easter away from the city

Murchison Falls National Park
If you are going to the western part of the country, there are a several destinations for you. There is the River Nile, animals and wild fauna at Murchison Falls National Park. Close to the national park is the Nile Safari Lodge. For accommodation, there are wooden cottages or chalets as the lodge refers to them and agreeable tents. From the lodge is a view of the river and the national park.

There is also a restaurant with an intercontinental menu, a swimming pool, and the hotel offers a guided nature tour through the national park, and cultural dance performances at a fireplace.

At the lakeside
You may not be able to travel out of Kampala yet at the same time want a cool place to unwind this Easter. Same people find the lakeshore alleviating which is just as well since Kampala is right next to Lake Victoria. There are many areas to enjoy the lakeside in Kampala –places, for example, Luzira and Gaba.

There is also Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort just a couple of kilometers from Kampala city centre. Besides enjoying the lakeside, there are also horse rides, a swimming pool and a spa. Given its location, you may need also to go spot fishing as the sun goes down or take a cruise across the lake in speedboats. There is additionally accommodation to consider if you need to be far from home
Budget: Shs50,000- Shs150,000 daily
Middle: Shs150,000- Shs300,000 daily
Premium: Shs 300,000- Shs1m daily
Luxury: Shs1m and above daily

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