Dogs in Uganda are used for two purposes that are for security and also to act like pets. For the case of security, these dogs can be home owned where they are used to watch around the house especially at night.

The dogs are also used by law and security operatives for both the government and private companies. Police use the dogs to search for the location or the route where the criminal leads out of the scene place and also can be used to detecting illegal substances in luggage at checkpoints.

Though dogs are very useful in society, sometimes they become a nuisance in particular if they are not controlled. The uncontrolled dogs commonly known as the “miyayu” by the locals are always on the streets of the town centers as they hunt for food. These dogs at times cause commotion in the cities as they bite people and also cause accidents.

The dogs are have been increasing day by day and they are competing for spaces in the major cities of Uganda with the locals. The government is trying to find solutions to decrease the number of dogs in the cities. One of the main solutions is to carry out family planning onto them.

Dr. Emily Mugoda of World Animal Protection says dogs produce twice a year which is a lot and family planning is best for preventing the spread of an unneeded number of dogs, many of which end up becoming stray

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