Amidst the skyrocketing fuel prices in Uganda, you might be wondering how the rest of the world doing in regard to the fuel rates more so for Gasoline/Petrol. Below are the countries with the highest fuel rates in the whole world.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a province of the people’s republic of China with special administrative powers making it a Sub-autonomous part of China. It has the most expensive petrol per liter at 9,347.15 Uganda shillings per liter. This is double the current rate for a liter of gasoline in Uganda. Currently, a liter of gasoline in Uganda is 4500 Uganda shillings

2. Netherlands 

The Netherlands; a northwestern European country mainly known for its flat landscape and among the world’s top cycling countries is the second on our list of the countries with the most expensive liter of petrol in the whole world. As of today; a liter of gasoline in the Netherlands is 8,109.82 Uganda shillings.

3. Norway

This Scandinavian country is among the world’s first-world countries. The country is also known because of its glaciers, mountains as well as popular fishing, skiing, and hiking destination. Coming third on our top ten list; their liter of petrol is at 7,929.52 Uganda shillings

4. Denmark

Denmark is also among the European Scandinavian countries. Several people have considered relocating to this country because of its security and education system. For the last 20 years, their population has almost remained the same. Following in the footsteps of Norway, their liter of petrol is at 7,689.12 Uganda shillings

5. Finland

Finland has been known for being the happiest country in the whole world. However, besides topping the list of the happiest countries in the whole world, they are also the benchmark of education and environmental sustainability in the whole world. While Rwanda is known as a country of a thousand hills, Finland is known as a country of a thousand lakes. Coming fifth on our top ten list; their liter of petrol is at 7,618.42 Uganda shillings. 

6. Israel

The bible is the most influential book in the whole world. In case you didn’t know; the biggest part of the biblical narrative and story has a lot to do with Israel. The country has in the recent past been known for its conflict with Palestine. Their liter of fuel is at 7,494.69 Uganda shillings

7. Central African Republic

Topping the list on the African continent is the tropical African country that has for a long time been in the news for bad reasons. However, in the league of Uganda and Rwanda; the Central African Republic is among the top five gorilla trekking destinations on the African continent. Unfortunately; the poor road network and the insecurity in some parts of the country are still hindrances that are yet to be conquered. In the Central African Republic, a liter of petrol goes for 7,487.62  Uganda shillings.

8. Sweden

It is now clear, Scandinavian countries are some of the countries with the highest petrol rates per liter in the whole world. In the league of Finland; Sweden is among the countries with the best health care system in the whole world. Its liter of petrol is at 7,462.87 Uganda shillings.

9. Greece

The father of western civilization and philosophy is also among the top ten countries with the highest rate of petrol per liter. It has been known to be the proprietors of the Olympic games, democracy as well as ancient religious systems. As of today; a liter of petrol in Greece is at 7,268.43 Uganda shillings

10. Iceland

Iceland is the land of scenic majesty. The land of fire and ice is garnished with glaciers and volcanoes for some of the best optical nutrition. The country of the blue lagoon and some of the best waterfalls in the whole world sums it up with the lack of official family names.  Still in the range of its neighbors; its petrol liter goes for 7,240.15 Uganda shillings. 

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