Barely two weeks after Hamis Kiggunda one of the Kampala city tycoons had offered 530 million Uganda shillings as his contribution to the ministry of health to purchase over 2000 Covid-19 doses. The ministry of health has delivered the 2000 Covid-19 vaccines. The effort was to get vaccines to immune his tenants against Covid-19

This refutes the prime minister’s stand regarding the scarcity of vaccines. About two weeks ago, the prime minister said that they had a challenge of securing vaccines, not because of lack of money but because there is scarcity due to high demand. She said if they were to purchase vaccines outside the African center for disease control, it would be relatively expensive hence going against the procurement procedures of Uganda.

Uganda Vaccination Exercise

With the above insight, it seems; the ministry of health offered the already available vaccines to Hamis or they acquired for him vaccines outside the stipulated procurement procedures of Uganda. Though the effort has been highly appreciated by some members of the public; it is still unclear why there is still a lack of vaccines for most of the Ugandans if Hamis Kiggundu was able to secure his in barely two weeks.

Some sources have it that; the ministry of health was grappling with a number of Covid-19 doses, and once Hamis Kiggundu presented an organized group of people, it was very easy to give them the vaccines

Uganda has been in lockdown since the 19th of June 2021. The lockdown is expected to end on the 30th of July 2021. But apart from the Ugx 100,000 relief, it is still unclear whether Uganda can hit the 5 million vaccination mark before the end of the year 2021.

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