The new system and the guideline on children who commit offenses at the age below 18years have been in parliament being discussed for over 19years. the children below 18years were under the control of the police and subjected to the formal justice system in the court. this has been discovered that it has a negative impact on children. This was introduced to make sure children’s get friendly and simple justice services

The idea was suggested by UNICEF and this comes after 19years, now the children are to be rehabilitated instead of taking them to court, and UPDF was given an upper hand to uplift and emphasis the guideline. the parents will be guided on the offenses committed by the children to reduce the conflicts with the law

in Uganda, he a child under 18years who commits any crime is subject to court orders which do not respect children’s rights by taking them to prisons. the country reached the extent of constructing a prison for the kind. some members of parliament and NGOs have been discussing how to deal with those issues for the past 19years. This is the only opportunity the children have to be considered by all stakeholders across the country to get involved in justice for the children.

In order to achieve this, the police officers and judges are to play a big role in the diversion of this change and should be taught how the program works. The community should also be guided on the guideline rather than just disturbing the guidelines. The officers are going to be trained on the new guidelines

the main aim of this law is to divert teenagers from formal justice through the programs that can help to reconcile the aggrieved through non-judical bodies which can reduce the negative impact children get from formal judicial proceedings



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