Journalists have for over a decade been at loggerheads with police due to the harsh treatment that journalists often receive while in the field reporting any politically-charged stories that more than often involve the opposition. One of the common faces for field reporting in Uganda is the one Canary Mugume popular for not only his investigative journalism but also the live field reporting.

Regardless of him being in the field more often, it has not been reported at any time that he faced harsh treatment from police. Probably everyone had let that pass until his wife shared a short clip of her husband arriving at a lunch date with police offering chauffeur services. It is not clear whether he hired the police services but what is clear; he has a police bodyguard.

His special treatment has raised red flags; since in Uganda, it is mainly the political wing that often receives such treatment. For a mere reporter and news, anchor to have a police offer chauffeur services has risen red flags. Until now, Canary has not made any public statement about the matter but probably he will simply let it slip under the carpet has he continues enjoying VIP treatment from the police.


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