Busoga Kingdom Welcomes Her Royal Highness Jovia Mutesi as Inhebantu

The Katukiiro of the Busoga Kingdom, Dr. Joseph Muvawala, extended a warm welcome to the people of Busoga as he introduced Her Royal Highness Jovia Mutesi, who has been bestowed with the esteemed title of Inhebantu in the Busoga Kingdom. Jovia Mutesi is the daughter of Stanley Bayoole, a former Mayor of Mayuge Town Council, and the current Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Bulambuli district.

In a significant and traditional ceremony, the Kyabazinga officially appointed Jovia Mutesi as his Inhebantu, marking a momentous occasion for the Busoga Kingdom. The grand unveiling of Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi’s portrait took place at the prestigious Busoga Headquarters in Bugembe, Jinja City.

During this remarkable event, Katukiiro Dr. Joseph Muvawala shared the exciting news that the Kyabazinga and Inhebantu are set to unite in a sacred matrimony ceremony at the majestic Christ Cathedral Bugembe, also situated in Jinja City.

Preceding this announcement, a traditional ceremony was held at the ancestral home of the newly appointed Inhebantu in the Mayuge Town Council, located in the heart of the Mayuge district. Subsequently, Katukiiro Dr. Joseph Muvawala conducted a press conference at the Busoga Kingdom Headquarters, formally introducing Inhebantu as the Kyabazinga’s spouse and consort.

Dr. Joseph Muvawala went on to reveal plans for a cultural function that will serve to initiate Her Royal Highness Jovia Mutesi into her distinguished role within the Busoga Kingdom.

Speaking to the gathered media at the Bugembe headquarters, the Katukiiro, accompanied by other esteemed ministers of the Busoga Kingdom, disclosed that the royal couple’s momentous wedding is scheduled to take place on November 18, a date that holds great significance for the Kingdom.

The Katukiiro emphasized the profound impact of Inhebantu on the life of Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV, highlighting the important role she would play within the Busoga Kingdom’s rich cultural and ceremonial traditions.

The introduction of Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi stands as a testament to the enduring heritage and traditions of the Busoga Kingdom, as well as a momentous occasion celebrated by the people of Busoga and beyond.

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